3 Ways to Cultivate Creativity

Jeremy Hoover
2 min readMay 10, 2022


Ever have a time where you felt like you were stalled out and you weren’t moving creatively?

I know you have. We all have.

I’ve been writing daily for around two months now. That’s almost 60 days of writing…every day…something new. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that there are some days that are very hard, creatively, to write.

On those days, I’ve returned to some familiar habits and practices that have helped me break out of that slump and easily find something to write about.

Creativity is important in life. Whether we work creatively or just need more spontaneity in our lives, there are things we can do to aid that process.

Here are three things you can do to break out of that mindset and help refresh your mind.

Write down ten things you are grateful for.

This first one helps me to remember what I’m thankful for. Thankfulness helps to generate creativity.

It’s important to stretch yourself. When I started this practice, I wrote down just 3 things I was grateful for. For me, that wasn’t enough–it was too easy for me to quickly write down 3 things.

So I pushed myself to write more because when I really stretched myself I found a deeper level where I was able to find things in my life and day that I was truly and deeply grateful for.

Go for a walk.

This one won’t be a surprise if you’ve been reading my writing for any length of time. Going for a walk has a multitude of benefits, but above all, it will help you clear your mind and be able to think more creatively.

I built regular long walks into my routine when I preached regularly. I hit the trail every Thursday afternoon after I had completed my research and had a basic form for the sermon in mind. A long two-to-three hour walk helped me clear my thoughts and dial in on the final form of the lesson. I would often come up with great examples or images as well.

Call a friend and relative for no reason other than to just talk.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own stuff that we forget what is happening around us. At least, I do.

When this happens, I like to reach out to a friend and go out for coffee or just have a conversation. There is something positive about taking this time to just talk with someone important in your life that helps to break creative barriers.

Try these three things and see if they help you break through a creative logjam or simply think more clearly.

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