Life Lessons I Learned From My Dog

Jeremy Hoover
2 min readMay 7, 2022

Life can be stressful. Life throws a lot at us that we have to deal with. Sometimes we deal with it well, other times, not so well!

It occurred to me while walking my dog, Snow, the other day that I have a lot I can learn from her about how to have a better balance in my life.

She enjoys going for walks.

Snow lives what I often write about! She loves her (near) daily walks. Sure, she needs us to take her. But she’s always ready for a walk. She walks along, smelling the new smells, checking out the other dogs we encounter, and enjoying the exercise. She loves being outside.

I can learn how to embrace the joy of being outdoors from her.

She’s not picky.

Snow eats the same kind of food, twice a day. She drinks nothing but water. Yes, we give her snacks and treats from time to time. But she never complains. She never turns her nose up at the food we give her, and she never whines because she’s tired of water.

I can learn how to be happy with what I have from her.

She shows her love and gratitude for her family.

Snow is notorious for howling in excitement when she sees someone for the first time in the morning, or when guests come to visit. She wags her tail back and forth as she waits to be petted and affirmed. During the day, she often moves around from one family member to another, sitting on the couch with one, laying on the bed with another.

I can learn how to better appreciate and show my love to my family from her.

She enjoys her simple life.

Snow enjoys pillows. I’ve never seen a dog use a pillow like a human before, but Snow always seeks out a pillow to rest her head on. If she can’t find one, she uses one of us as a pillow! Most of her life is taken up with eating, playing, resting, and being with her family. She has a great life.

I can learn how to practice a simpler life from her.

These are a handful of things I can learn from my dog. What have you learned from your pets?

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