Persevering Toward Positivity

  1. Going for regular walks. I know I write about this ad nauseum. However, if I had to pick only one habit that I would continue practicing for the rest of my life, it would be this one. There is something about being outside and moving that is therapeutic for the mind and body. It helps to release tension and relax the mind.
  2. Daily (nightly) quiet times to focus and relax. At night, I listen to a specific song on YouTube for about fifteen minutes. I sit quietly and do my best to focus on the stillness around me. I release all negativity that has held on throughout my day before going upstairs to bed.
  3. A desire to be more positive. This was a big one for me. Once I realized that I can set an intention to be more positive, I began to notice all the ways I drifted toward being pessimistic as a default reaction. I started to note these, and then think about a way to respond positively instead.
  4. Visualizing outcomes. Lastly, I began to visualize positive outcomes for different scenarios. For example, I often get tense going into offices like I needed to do to fix the problem with my application. I expected the worst–problems piled upon problems–and could feel it in my body. But, the night before, I told myself, “There is a simple solution and the office will help you find it.” I visualized a hassle-free experience, and as a result, was able to walk into the office confidently and without worry.




Writer. Coach. Consultant. Podcaster. Missionary.

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Jeremy Hoover

Jeremy Hoover

Writer. Coach. Consultant. Podcaster. Missionary.

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