Spiritual Growth Is Your Highest Calling

  • You attend church functions (worship, Bible studies, etc.) because you believe it is a part of your duty to God, not because you desire to be transformed and changed
  • You balk whenever someone mentions spiritual disciplines such as journaling or silent prayer because you know that these things can really open you up for change (but you resist that change, knowingly or unknowingly)
  • You are friends with many people from your church but your friendship most often manifests in watching sports events together, talking about pop culture, or seeing each other only at church events, rather than serving others together or praying together
  • We need more help with the children’s ministry. Are you able to volunteer?
  • Every Christian should read through their Bible every year.
  • Don’t forget our Sunday night service. We really need as many here as possible so we can all be encouraged.




Writer. Coach. Consultant. Podcaster. Missionary.

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Jeremy Hoover

Jeremy Hoover

Writer. Coach. Consultant. Podcaster. Missionary.

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