The Pain of Growth

If you want change, ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the work.

We give up on change too often because our intention reveals the difficulty of the work.

This applies to both personal and societal change. Both are difficult. Both require attention. Both require work.

When we do the work, things happen…

Our values become clarified, and old patterns and beliefs must be let go of or adapted.

Our practices and behaviours are brought into the light, and some of them need to removed (and, in some cases, apologized for).

Our lives become new, and sometimes old friends (and even family members) no longer want to come on the journey with us.

This is painful. But all growth is painful.

Becoming something new, if that’s what we really want, is transformative and exciting…even when it feels like we are walking into the unknown.

You are not alone. Many of us are on the journey.

When you’re ready to walk this path, DM me here or email me at jeremy AT jeremyhoover DOT com.

I will support you on your journey and we will travel the road of growth together.

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Writer. Coach. Consultant. Podcaster. Missionary.

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