The Slow, Small Moments of Transformation

Life is filled with transformative moments. Many of us are just too busy to notice them. But if we slow down and focus on finding these small moments, we will find transformation.

My son and I went out for a walk with our dog a few weeks ago. It was a sunny morning. We drove to a trail that had been built over an old railway line. It’s a beautiful trail that largely keeps to nature even while passing through a couple of neighbourhoods.

We set out for the walk, but I was stressed out. I had a lot on my mind, ideas and thoughts about my work, my desired work, and the recent loss of my mother circulated as we walked.

My son and our dog got a little ahead of me, and I began to lean into the silence around me.

Except, it wasn’t silent. I could hear the birds around me, chirruping and calling one another from the trees. A squirrel rustled the leaves underneath it as it ran from one bush to another. A bunny dashed to hide under some fallen branches.

I became caught up in the wonder and joy of what was happening. Animals and birds, living their lives all around me, not consumed with anxiety and worry about the things that I brought with me to the trail.

I began to release my worries, my anxieties, and my fears. I dropped a little of these things with each step, as though I was dropping a small pebble or stone as I went.

We came to a favourite lookout area that overlooks a pond. I stood there, watching the geese and the ducks, listening to birds, looking at the way the wind caused small ripples to break out in the bond, and how the sun glinted off the surface of the pond.

It became for me a walking meditation, a moment of prayer, that I would have missed had I not listened to the small voice within me calling me to bring attention and awareness to my surroundings.

It was a small moment that became transformative for me.

It rooted me in the present and helped me to

I took this picture of the pond.

I set the picture as my phone’s screensaver so I would be reminded of the peace and serenity I experienced that day when I let go of the things that caused me anxiety.

I also used the picture for the cover of my new book, Joy in Jesus. I associated that picture with joy, contentment, and peace–themes from my book–and I wanted anyone who reads the book to share that experience with me.

Transformative moments are not always obvious. They are present, but often liminally. If we will slow down, let these small moments trigger reflection, and be present to and with them, we will find transformation.

When have you experienced a similar transformative moment?

— — — — —

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